Shanachie Stables
Welcome to Shanachie Stables.  I do lots of different things with this website, so browse around and enjoy yourself!
The Gallery-Has photos of some of the horses I have painted.
Blankets-Photos and information about the stable blankets I sew for model horses.
Sire Dam List-This has the rules and information and leads to the many different horses I have for breeding.
Dragons- Here, you will see, I have taken on breeding dragons.  I focus specifically on small household dragons, as the medical bills cost much less.  I currently have two, but hope to add to my rookery over time.
Visit Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society.  This is the non-profit organization I raise money for.  I also foster kitties for this group.
See some of my Foster Cats
Important Note:  All images and text that appear on this website are solely the property of the webmaster.  Please do not use any images or text without asking permission first.  Any photos that appear on this website have been taken by me, and therefore belong to me, unless otherwise credited.
This is a MODEL horse website.  Any horses appearing on this website are model horses, unless otherwise described, and are not real horses.  This site is for entertainment purposes only.
Cuzzin Skeeter and Bo