I enjoy customizing models.  I used to try to do them to sell, but my focus has changed to simply creating for sheer joy.  Each horse is created individually and over time for my own collection.  Sometimes I tire of them, then offer them for sale, but mostly now, i just enjoy them in my collection.
My Photos
Payin The Bills [Billy]
Billy’s Other Side
Indigo Passion-portrait of my real mare
Midnight Grace
Grace and her Foal
WRS Monet-One of the first!
Whatever, older pic
Don’t Blieve It [Blue]
SM Quarter Mare to Chestnut
Arabian to a chestnut
CM Rattail to Zebra Dun
His Dorsal Stripe
His legs
A Dalmation-Daisy
Northlight Irish Draft
Cm Hanoverian
The braid on his tail
CM PAS to Blood Bay
His Head
CM Johar to Bay Tobiano
Her other Side
Her front
Paso Fino
Paso Fino
Cm Adios
Ginger to a Morgan Sport Horse
Custom SM Arabian Mare
French Kiss
Mustang Stallion
Mustang mare