I have fostered feral and young kittens for Merrimack Feline Rescue Society for almost five years.  I have done over 100 cats to date.  Here are pics of a few of them and their stories.
MRFRS is an awesome organization.  Learn more about them from their website:  www.mrfrs.org
Foster Cats
Binx and Mayzie-Binx is above, Mayzie below.  two semi-ferals that needed some fine tuning.  
Four Kittens from an Apartment Cleanout-Just needed some time to chill and get altered.
Clockwise from top left: Fiyero, Mark, Roger, Zinnia
Casey and Molly-These two small kittens came in as ferals.  They were @ 8 weeks old and just needed a little socializing.  I turned them in a week.  
They were interesting because Casey had a nervous development issue which made her wobble.  She could get around all right, she was just a little slow.  When I fed them, Molly let Casey eat first and only ate when Casey had finished.  I took them in for adoption, and cried for them because I was so afraid they would be seperated, I loved the way Molly took such good care of Casey.  A dad and his daughter came in, and agreed to take them both while I was there!
Casey is shown above, and Molly is below.
I once had four kittens all about four months old.  They were true ferals through and through.  When I got them they were bounce off the top of the cage wild.  It took two weeks for the first one to turn and two and a half months for the last one!  I still remember them fondly!  Two of them are here.  I have pics of the other two, and will add them when I can.
Rosie is above.  She was the longest, but turned finally into one of the sweetest cats.
Twilight is below.-He turned first and was a cuddly sweet little boy!
These are the first two kittens I ever turned.  Came in as holy terrors and both turned out sweet.  The grey one was adopted through MRFRS by a friend, and I still see her.
I had a feral momma who had her kittens August 15th of 2006.  She had four little black and white kittens.  On the left is Violet.  Following are her kittens:Jellybean, Licorice, Gumdrop and Truffle.  More photos to come!
Four feral kittens came in about two months ago.  They were just from outside somewhere and were trapped as part of a feral colony maintenance program that MRFRS practices.  I only have photos of three of them, as the other two had to go to someone else.  I ran out of time!  Clockwise from upper left:  Shynoah, Sneakers, Wishbone.  Not pictured are Salem, who looks a lot like Sneakers, and Harlequin, a little girl who looks like Shynoah and Wishbone.
Pictured here is Blizz.  He was a foster that came in weighing no more than 5 pounds.  he was found emaciated on a loading dock, all his bones stuck out.  He was also terribly dehydrated.  I picked him up from the vet after he had some blood work done, and he promptly puked 6 times over the next two hours.  He was not a happy cat.  
This cat fought like crazy to get better.  He battled with himself to eat and drink, even though he still sometimes puked.  He tried very hard to always hit the litterbox, even though he had terrible diarrhea.  I could see the battle of will in his eyes.  He just wanted to give up, but then his light would change and I could see a determination in him to not give up.  He wanted love, hugging, cuddling and pets constantly and I did that for him.  That was what he needed to survive.  This is one of the most amazing cats I have ever met, and I am so proud of him.  I will never forget him.  On March 16th, 2007, he went to his new forever home with the perfect new mom.  I am grateful he came into my life for such a short time, and taught me so much about living and fighting.